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A Tasty Little Gift

Thank you for thinking of us a gift! Gift Cards can be mailed priority to you or picked up at the restaurant. Please fill the form in detail to include your personalized message. Please read our Little Love Notes below before purchase.


To protect both you and Hummingbird, our gift cards are mailed certified. This means a person must sign for it. Please decide where you’d like it mailed. The post office will try 2 times to deliver it. If unsuccessful, they will leave a note keep it at the nearest post office.


Ask for a manager as all cards are kept secure.


Hummingbird Gift Cards are Tender and can not be replaced if lost or stolen. This is marked clearly on all cards. Why? If the card is presented, it must be honored.

Only one Hummingbird . These cards can not be used at our other restaurants.

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Address of Recipient
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